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The Quiet Earth

by Morrow

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  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    Gatefold 2LP w/ screen printed D side & booklet

    PLEASE NOTE! Recently a lot of our international orders have been returned to us by local courier services, so we strongly encourage anyone outside the UK to order from the below places! You will get it cheaper from them, and it will be less damaging to the environment!

    If you're in the states, you can order from The Plague of Man - theplagueofman.bandcamp.com

    Order from doomrock.com for the rest of the world

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Morrow Rejoice This Quiet Earth I have been negligent A dank and septic thing I have lost the waters- that which we fend Whistle and I’ll come to thee I have not felt the incisor cold The blood in furore that reddens hands and faces And speaks with cleft palette whine Creaking gasp and fractious rupture The muffled sound, the songs of silence Eager for the humble home Oh how I long for the lupine howl! Covet the glacial spectacle! The coarse percussion of each moulted snow burdened branch, Tremble, shudder, Euphoria! As they summon Up the hearth of voices steady Harmonious arrhythmia The hollering laughter! The need to share! The words with which we barter With kind and care! The give and take of kindred uttered in the wisened smile Bark of this buttress The rough grain of leaves Impressions in my raw skin Here the familiar dampened sound The quiet in which we linger! Breath expels, ignites in verglas crystals The crunch that is laid with every step Slow and steady go the brave Quick the wicked! My mother spoke of the land as a living beast, Old and short of temper Glad of us, although it daren’t admit The loneliness of our absence A tired old ally cracked and worn For the ice has provided for us a home! Through dark needle tangle Too dense for snow to flurry Where the gods have dwelt in silence, Whose joints have long since ossified Tytons sepulchral shrine - Where eyes still fluoresce An uneasy intelligence A suspicious theatre of forms that hold court Tesh moves to coax us With undulate grace; Each ribbon hyphae clings An anaemic embrace Perform ad nauseam For absent wardens Whose excessive need Is all but dust All but dust It is there that truths might be told The giddy rot of mycelium That time has favoured nought The sum of our endeavour Cast like chaff in springs first sigh And now we are all but spent The residue of eaten food The gristle caught in buckled tooth That is tongued incessantly Wake! sister this is no time rest! The south wind carries acrid stench The pale skin scarred with haemorrhage stain And soon no chaff will remain Please sister listen please! And soon no chaff will remain Listen please!
Totemic 13:16
Totemic Troublesome sore Our thorn jag hangs from glacial wall Ever begging the skies to heed us The spraining ice is sneering Sinewy fingers bear Sigils in consequential air Sawtooth receipts of black arpeggios Niggling tones of fickle whim Hissing oesophagus imparts The mannerisms of the departed! The bone is shaped into a blade To cut! Let blood the integral spur And honed! To pluck the morsels offered us With glee! In quick succession, gobble up Consumed! It hears all, our gracious grin Our lord! Exhaustive winds our emissary Her saints! Ricochet their expletives And curses! Their pardons, tells and memories We've courted! We have caught wind of voices Vile and insidious, Deeds beyond our ken Deeds that bite and scissor Promises and covenants of teeth And terrible certainties Of malcontent and suppering wounds And portent drawn from chests To engorge and satisfy and sate The most devious of tyrannies Depraved! For we can only see, And listen! But we are not quite spent Not yet! Our fleshy ears have their limits; A bane! The displaced soil of seedling breaches New growth! Of spawning fish in river swell and churn We need not these senses where we’re seeking Now we perilously listen For sympathetic poltergeist To receive ephemeral notes And disembodied voices Yet we see, in the gloom and memory Given form and function, An agonised expression in the dark A place, a figure, given our form Sacrament entities, Coddled insanities Assemblage of god-flesh Possessed infatuations Particulate growths In vitro deities In the bosom of wood Crawl with a delicate Strength to bear witness with All who have come To fight off the end And with sapient ambition Holds taught the silk Sequential spinnerets of Legion dainty arachnids Chitinous armies march A chthonic algebra Stalking the prey of weakling thoughts Whose raking limbs clatter over Our fleshy hippocampus Tweak and tune our naive-grasp With images of prominence Despite times maddened errant threads That snap in twain, and snag and strain Wombs have housed our prescient skin A navel cord adamantine This spirit mouths uncertain words The lick and cluck of archaic tongue Whose smite was honed to a keen blade And cut the earth from stem to stern Dig a little; turn a stone The humus hides unmarked tombs With little effort one might exhume Carcasses of the never living Never breathing Essence of enduring creeds Elegant fetishes made In the likeness of us That lie unsullied By the march of worms Sternums braced with ribs of iron Eyes of quartz, teeth cut from diamond It walks the fathomless Held in perpetuity Our omen man, Our fleshless effigy We forge from bone and broth of wax A talisman of its likeness This shall serve as conduit For the coming proclamation Drifted blood, a stray daughter It seeks comfort and safe harbour yet has had its heart cut away But its voice is not alone Cautioned verses through rhizomes Another screams the rending split Bellows hung on tenterhooks The crack and pull of ligament Rupturing appendices Pining itch, empty bellies Yearning only for what is not theirs. Malnourished of any sense Yearning only for what is not theirs Thrown compassion to the winds Yearning only for what’s not theirs As if they ever had any of it Look upon and bear witness! Don’t shield your sight from this sickness Sour garrisons, battalion fiends! Rear up on slender necks Gleeful blood delirium, A heart and head starved A caustic rhythm spat and seared Drum on bold oblivion! The ramparts move with bullish heave, Heave! Crippled backs nourished with zeal;Greed! Of the lurid Carrion men; A need Atop their hideous caravans, proceed! Cynical, shed cataracts from within, Sun beat eyes let a light in, If our cunning is in our stare, Then with courage, lay it bare Declare! Cycles allowed to breathe, exhale! With same knife let them bleed, let it bleed! Veins drain and sever songs One of living but never learned Yearn only for what is already ours We must, we must try, or lose all! Yearn in the promise of their retreat Of their demise Yearn only for what is already ours Yearn in the promise of their retreat Of their demise!
To The Fold 06:10
To the fold The death-fires danced at night; The water, like a witch's oils, Burnt green, and blue and white. - rime of the ancient mariner We have learned to never leave A suspicion or remnant A trace of our labour Vulnerable waifs exposed The sand betrays our step Depressions lead to consequence Sea absolves with erasure! Heed every apology Every effort quashed Bruised and encumbered Every blessing admonished Bone frown beak calls Out to the feather mist Shroud hidden, teeth chattering The want of acknowledgment The shore is black volcanic, Pack ice parts with clumsy pardon Only for frigid banks Of ashen cloud in tidal slough We make our steady way Cemetery cold Hung with the weight of evidence Taking its tithe Perhaps the end of all of this Perhaps the end of us The land imparts joyful repose In its elfin expanse Ice shelf above arboretum Light dances in prism colour They have come to greet us The wise and crow lined eyes hide woe Beneath fleeting smiles, offerings Gentle tidings, brief reflections harbour hope We have seen a darkness A cancer that walks toward us Whose sore can only be slaked In the cutting throes of death Painful admissions confirm And in the sand we draw our vision All will don the blade and shadow And all will wear the grin Returning home is bitter sweet Do not despair! Lofty halls of ice refract Geometry The bloom of torches aura Shadows play A thousand strong stand silent, waiting The Women of the Wake cry, Besieged with visions. The beguiling second sighted The gifted and cursed Whose pigmented hands now brandish A doll, metal effigy, I know so well Weathered nails now clutch my cheeks And elucidate to me the flurry The liquid sense of epithets Wholly vivid consequence You are the green spine, the dew and the moss Amongst one another is your truss I have seen this ferrous mask Within the ribbon shards of shadows bore In amongst prehensile willow limbs they watched attentive! Yes this face is young, I am reminded- Although the ruddy scent of rust is absent Gods who wriggle beneath kaolin skin, beneath barbs of Tyton writhe! I see a child in its care Whose visage sparks familial notes I have seen! Our spirit mothers raise their hackles I have seen! And preach the elemental sermon I have seen! We take up arms, ascend tree spur To wage our good and noble war
Fugue Plague 06:38
Fugue plague Drone dust malignancy Jaundice the sun for me Abrasive and bruised By the deafening hum Sloth sank its gums into me Standing water stagnant Drawn from our pawl By the fumes of the dead Long has the sun Fiery incarnate Been furious with us Unfurl its molten girth Scalding the land in Pyromaniac Ill tempered tantrums We favoured its torment, Begged acquiescence It sneered at our whimper Admonished us all And lashed at our skin In acrimony With carcinogen cinder Forgive our behaviour Living in infamy, A blasphemy Scorched every artery Beseech me oh lord! Every bridge, helping hand Has withered and died! We’ve raised high the symbols Of scoundrels and hedonists Revel and gloat in Our squandered inheritance Scratching this living Has made us all mean Rat eaten songs Of the great unclean The livid insensitive A world enamoured in filth Fawn in the memories, Parched mouths salivate Stomachs speak louder Than words ever fed Blood oils and fuels this Particular industry; Our bodies like flasks of wine You’re only as good as How low you scan stoop and The toiling your’e able to Throats will be quenched And lips you will feed With your pound of flesh When knees buckle under you! The desert resisted us, Silicate betrayer Turncoat deserter Whose side are you on? With spite spittle ridden teeth A trillion strong Carved at its skin! We've gorged on its severed neck, We’ll drink you dry! Hateful and full of it We’ve stake our claim! The mineral seams And aquifer drained! We revelled in our misery, Drunk on our gluttony Danced forlornly In coagulate mud  The blood of our own Became the saving atrocity To breed and digest Our finest depravity The sun shakes it head, Wipes a plasma beat brow And burns bright to rid Of all we’ve defiled For this earth has given All that it can So we spread out our hands  There were once kings, Whose reign was ordained  By gods long committed To rot in their graves Beside channels of tar That snakes reach elaborate Their runes are emblazoned Abreast arrows aimed north North is the forest, The line we daren’t cross The cleaved land was Betrothed to faces unseen Yet why should we languish In the sun storms vexations When surely the forests Meed is far richer? Now stand the men in their hundreds The hilt of each line a severed neck slumps Each marks their face with the sanguineous A mark to strike fear, mark in blood North to the hem of the world March, march Marks the conquering March, march Beyond grating storms March, march Of heat and of dust City of Gristle Spill out your guts Cadaver cavalry Expel, advance Red raw, sun sore, carcinoma pawns Served on a platter to our solar crown There in the cradle of eden betrayed Green hides a sorcery just out of reach Ripe for the harvest, there for the taking To quell our great need All will grovel, will take the knee They will surrender, accept they are bettered To our endeavour, a glorious fate They will surrender! Blasphemy in aggregate Bodies of insolents Dare to withstand us Against better judgment For the law of baked earth Was once a slurry Cracked in submission To furious suns Surrender, surrender, surrender!
we claim this ice as shelter matrimony with water and earth the branches bend for our bows the nourishing wealth, cloth and twine what malice of mouth and teeth that seek nothing but to do harm we are nothing but the ice made flesh we seek nothing but our right in rest
Of Sermons and omens to mend 'And every tongue, Through utter drought, Was withered at the root; We could not speak, No more than if We had been choked with soot.' - Rime of the ancient Mariner White eyes split With retinal veins Greedy with hateful, Splendid and ravenous Spill over the sand, A flood of all tragedy Carrying with it Their desperate glee Pause in this in-between fragment, I have lived in this moment between fallen sweat Cast from my skin, it dithers and swells It hovers in place as though time was at rest I spy a crack in this apparition A shudder singed bright phosphorescent ignition Cuspid glint grins drop low with their mandibles And eyes raise to the sky with loosened gaping jaws Static sentences, staccato consequence The lithe ligaments of times elasticity Here is intention, here is malign Here is where their pain burns the brightest Beholden to all The seam of the world Divergence of green-hide The bare face of stone Drone dust malignancy Jaundice the sun for me Abrasive and bruised by The deafening hum And lo! spied amidst the Particulate frenzy fields The sheared stays of metal The scaffolds and trebuchet! Bared teeth and phlegm specked, The barbed blades a serenade The red veins and anger! Swells within our enemy Dark is the sun, Encompassed and hidden Virgules of aether Bind and transpose Dainty the dust winds In dignified helixes The faintest transcendence, I quake as I stand Above us the shape Of unknown vocabulary A thing from beyond The manna of all Black in the heat plumes, Yet steadied with alchemy The omen once promised By awoken women Our foe seems to lose Its vigorous appetite Retreat from the pall Cast by this edifice They flee for the sand shrine metropolis Heeding the sermon of our arresting sentry From stone craft beckons, harmonising with our chord Above forest shakes, for the coming of this sign The fear now quenched, we are filled with song! The reed vibrato of a choral throng! The omen no more than a crib for a child! Reared in its womb by a living god! Interspersed lyrics - Terror sinks deep In the lightness of will And we brandish Spears of valiant whirl Gather the creed of this woman before us all The mother of mothers, the erstwhile soul You are stronger than Those who want blood The elegant brave, Wheat-ear of sympathy You are the green spine, The dew and the moss Amongst one another Is your trust We grasp tight and share in this unity For the love of all! The songs will be sung in the heart of all Norr To heed our call! A people spun from the scarcest of silken threads Each warp and weft! On a loom made of ice and the sea and the land Matrimony! Countless moments chronicled! Of lost fortunes and grave missteps! Amongst your living memory! All are welcome, for the morrow..


released March 25, 2022

Morrow is:

Alex, Dave, Liam, José, Gerfried, Alastair, Mikey, Kelly

With huge thanks to the following people who contributed their voices to this record, please check out all of their awesome bands!

Anna - Archivist // Thurm // Nessel
Elsa - Drei Affen // Like weeds // Oso Luna
Alex - Habak //Morir Sonando
Carl - His Hero Is Gone // Syndromes //Dimlaia
Adam D - Omnigone // Link 80
Howard - Parthalon
Ian - Phantom Hymn // The Makai
James - Autarch
Keir - Whelm // Phalanx
Hanna - Socialstyrelsen // Sorghymn
Brijit and Daniel - Rot/woven
Natalie - Wildspeaker
Franzi - Malatesta
Last but not least - Alex's Mum, Elizabeth.

Alex's vocals recorded by Ciaran Robinson at Roxburn Studios, London
Additional cello by Thomas Debaere at TYE London

Dave's guitars, bass, drums, Liam's violin and acoustic guitar recorded at
Stuck On A Name studios, Nottingham by Ian Boult

Mixed by Ian Boult - boulty@gmail.com

Mastered by Oskar Karlsson - oskar.k@me.com

With huge thanks to Ian, Oskar and Timo at Alerta Antifascista records and all the folks at The Plague Of Man Records and all of our friends who helped make this possible!

Double LP coming soon!


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Morrow London, UK

Emo crust/sludge from London, UK

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