Covenant Of Teeth

by Morrow

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Halo Of Flies Records (USA)

Chaos Rural Records (Canada)

Alerta Antifascista (Europe)

Morrow is:

David: Guitar, Bass and Drums
Alex: Vocals, art, narrative
Nicole: Cello
Guest Vocals: (check out all of their awesome bands!)
Brian Josh and Lacy of Anopheli
Natalie of Wildspeaker
Oskar and Erik of Monachus
Lee of The Nepalese Temple Ball
Dean of Knifedoutofexistence
Joe of Masakari
Anna of Archivist

Spoken word on "The Norr" by Stina, Isaac and Mira
On "forgiving grin" by Jasmine
On "Cleaved Fang" by Adela

Recorded and produced by Boulty at Stuck on a name studios
Mastered by Oskar Karlsson


released April 8, 2016


all rights reserved



Morrow London, UK

Violin & cello driven emo crust from London, UK

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Track Name: Fathom
you deserve to rest
deluge lungs depress
and swell with each
tremendous breath

each breath
we merge
tides wrap

slumber soundly old saint
dream deep my great marine,
blossom shoals in roiling tenor
who seek your shelter bosom
amongst your countless opaque eyes
that keen to my aching smile
of life and scolds us if we seek
your viscera low in lightless places

you callus in the cold
cracks and rends with restlessness
fierce the dim dark above old Gehenna
I sing to you my grey expanse
all the earth upon your back
your breadth does render me
mere grains in blithesome foam

blackened pumice sand
holds our fleeting marks
the innumerable acts of fitful life

glowering waves servant guards
pull muscle currents taught
barnacle knives will shred flesh
and remind us of our place

break! oh casted crescent!
strike thine elemental
that which feeds my soul and seed
the bounty forever thankful

tender roots and briny fruit
rake the fractious undertow
seek kelp forest limbs
we pluck their tender stems

burning lungs as we plunge
the fiery vital sting in us!

the black unknowing shapes that swam
writhe in the currents of iridescence
the clench of teeth under cold
ferocious rivers blind and ceaseless drift

exalt your lucent froth and rime
luminaries in squall and surge
among your niveous grasp
hold us fast and hold us tight

churn with the ravening tide
the turbulent quarrel incessant
we long for Nephyses heart
tempestuous through arteries

harvest appendages
give of yourself to us
you are the vigorous
you are the blood in us!
Track Name: The Norr
Spoken word (In English from Swedish)

"Why do we bring gifts to the trees?
The trees are very old, they have offered us their shelter and wood for fire for a very long time, we learn to live as one with the trees, they are nourished by our presence!
I can see their faces in the bark, they are smiling at us!
Yes, you can see the faces of your ancestors. When we die, we bury our loved ones at the foot of each tree, they become one with the roots, and within the trees great trunks they live forever.
Listen, mother, I can hear them laughing in the branches, they are happy we are here!"

each familial notch thats cut
read the braille of wending rhyme
each blemish or scourge that you’ll find
speaks of our wrath renounced

eminent crown!
the bitter king!
crystalline gown!
so resplendent!

facia of ice so faceted
blue hues striate and sing
the crisp staccato of our city of frost
hyperborean borne

the sterns and bows of starveling ships
desiccate limbs seek egress
to touch the hot bite of tender skin
the iron pit black against our flame

these husks of unknowable ore
chitinous caverns that now bore
the raucous laughter and bilious throngs
that give meat to these tired old bones

frigid gasps seek to drag us astray
oh how it wishes to break us this friend
a tired old bastard cracked and worn
but the ice does not know that the ice is our home

there were monsters out on the ice
wept out of fevers we could never visualise
we coddled ourselves in the refuge of kin
conjured up demons from primordial din

but the demons strayed upon our land with deathly want
They took that which was not theres to take, and so we fought
They tried so hard to make us bleed; they will not live

fetishes lashed against carrion ribs,
the watchman gaze between lachrymose lids
pitiful holes offer feasts to our dread
we baton the gnawing, the beast is bested

we lick of the fevered blood
revive its vile impediment
the slight of remnant dread
we dare not slake of its thirst

lucidity lost amidst corruption of want
to torrify skin under torches blush
suffused with a vex our petrified stare
before us the fringe of all that we are

the nights swept up auroral swathes
reverent cloth exhort your light
spirit folds blossom, cavort and wane
the drawn night holds us ever so tight

seize us
we promise to listen
offer us
we promise to listen

proud inside us the baritone throats
the mothers and fathers who farewell their kin
to pride beside us as our equivalents
into violent wilds beyond solace

we claim this ice as shelter
matrimony with water and earth
the branches bend for our bows
the nourishing wealth, cloth and twine

what malice of mouth and teeth
that seek nothing but to do harm

we are nothing but the ice made flesh
we seek nothing but our right in rest

what cost what terrible price must we pay?

we are nothing but the ice made flesh
we seek nothing but our right in rest
Track Name: Forgiving Grin
feral dawn rouse us
embrace, embrace us
bear the grudging cold
hold us fear! and keep us!

faces blank with pale clay
blacken the teeth with char
fill the sockets nose and brow
tar and hinder lights stay

climb the roost and ask for feathers
their clever eyes watch as we gather

ever watching

discarded down with which we dress
as auguries of menace

the trees act defiant

we bless the trunks to take our stride
for they will carry our light feet

to where we bathe in blood

The ice obeys the periphery
macilent shards the trees entwine

they goad the yawning dark
we climb high, on forgiving limb
scent of sap and pine enfold
we are silent like rasps of breath

the sure sway of withered bough
take us high and crack the roof
the sky present tense of white
eclipse the unbearable weight
of what lies ahead

we bridge the canopy with
grace and silent gall
the forest hushed so that we may
seek out our undoing

what foulness breathes the liquid
through sunken teeth in skin
what dares cheat the
urgent anima within

the white of villain eyes

their foul mark with ember wreath
we hang like Tytons taloned frown

drool our hollow maws

above their raucous voices
we drop like Chiroptera and fly!

tenebrous shadows collapse
sever lifes umbilical

Spoken word (In English from Spanish)

"what on earth is manifest?
broth of dread
so many arms, so many mouths
brandishing profanities
wreaking havoc wounds
low and cunning in their language
begot of living bone and brawn
judge the cruel division"

descend! brave emaciate
consume their swollen bodies with
the death they covet so vigorous
quick tongues deliver us!

descend! brave emaciate
consume their swollen bodies with
the death they covet so vigorous
quick tongues deliver us!

the yelp of gracious fur
the giving grace of kin
following the step intimate
of far older eidolon

we do not know their faces
they hold a vacant appetite
they wear their hunger
like we hold our chaste

in all our world there is no sore
like the bray of maddening
and we are lain empowered
in their sad unmaking

and we live forever
in the forgiving grin
Track Name: Cleaved Fang
surround these gross epithets
reveal your cutting to their thick necks
be livid and live in the vermillion ring
watch the life escape with desperation

disperse in the clap of resilient hands
we sing in the eyes that we’ve painted on
we drew into the bark and let ourselves be
ruled by the whims of whilom revery (for too long )

skeleton tokens dance radiant
the smoke evokes guises of fiendish portent
fear seeks the parlour of their lacking wits
the naked cowering with which to play tricks

their bare eyes know nothing of the brawn of our gods
the forests bristle; the hide of each ridge
made of the green spine, the dew and the moss
amongst marbled lichen is our truss

Tyton, vestigial ghoul
the horn blade mouth swung
their necks I have wrung
Only you will know the blood
Only you will feel the cut
have my hands and make use of them

Tesh, In my sleep you make love
caress in the dark
with mycelium touch
hyphae enwrap all the
terrible thoughts
and offer me up to the light

Spoken word (In English from Spanish)
"There have always been places we do not go; in the perilous depths where creatures dwell, in the forest where the trees intwine and hinder our path, we understand Tyton's grip, it forbids us for good reason. Yet It speaks to us now in worried voice, through the crack of twig and creak of branch, for it cannot bring the trees together or cut the earth and stop their march, for they walk where we dare not go, they do not know our gods, they do not fear its hollow crowing. So we must become fear."

ruth bind, teeth rend
incant with hexing exhalation
forests bid with exaltation 
pith of boreal 

fungi thread and bind and knit
the incandescent braid
machinations of sordid ill
our word is better still

run! bring them into the thrall!
the trees keen to their wounds
dissever them amongst the unlit
the groves labour in greedy throes

to know a fertile feed
betwixt each heaving heart
display that which they sought
in themselves

we lock them up in the loam
crude clasps of fondling root
sunken keeps of mouldering mulch
mix the earth up with the blood

heed a furrowed brow,
recall each beloved
rhythmic thread
the raw groan of
glacial beckons
and is glad

risen up in floral arms
in the yearling growth
we are seed within the fruit
grasp our honesty

the choral winds of absent mouths
call with familiar clarion
tempt away famished ghosts
for other fiendish tasks

we seek the white tusk of home
it extends its cold comforting
the forest divides its verdant path
shepherd us old evergreen

each breath
we merge
tides wrap

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