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by Morrow

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Opening verse is sung in Czech and spoken again in Swedish An inkling! We brace with guarded gasps! What have we seen in the cold dim brook? each wake is a facet of a greater truth! The blood breaks at curious shores like scabs it laps and clots this blood is syphilitic it is rife with consumption ever is the wanting ulcers in the stomach lining boil, expand and suppurate gangrenous it splits and spills! evacuates its bowels ruinous the tide will bloat will ripple out and devastate and all is beleaguered by the Crown of red tremendous stain the Carrion Man erect again ———— Rains vent winds wrath the naked elemental bows in supplication to our will In the cleaved lands  idle stone dormant sands and sleeping glades will be shook to weakling roots the gored earth torn in twain interspersed verse - // as I lead thee to the altar and lay amongst the trinkets and mandibles entanglements geometries and shrouded notions of half truths and potent remedies// A tragedy of talismans and dismal dunces rattle on the field of play with stuttering tenacity our hidden eyes watch these souls crawl in the faults  between fossil and foil of old tombs exposed lick the earth with salted words and leave the mark upon the lines perceived as stigmata disgraceful prediction no life will dare to cross it the salts amongst each grain for now we make partitions between us and suffering sprigs of herb motes of pummelled char thrown about in curving cues to signify each character gurning mouths filled with tells each flinch speaks of ambition excommunication our words are sired by prophetic squalls tormented eloquence caught on insistent winds come hither epiphany from salient shards in eyes  fleeting light bejewelled in iris folds, the peaks and troughs of the wanderer whose might is fair naive and brave of meat so rare shall slake the thirst for blood tempt them on from safeties clutch viridian soft and succulent  Into the dry and brittle harbour the carcass splints forever jarring come one and all into us coven bleed within the well and clot to dam their veins eyes bound, to shirk all sunlight ears blocked to muffle nuisance pluck ligaments of cause to feel each taught thread with nimble minds, place with purpose forage amongst their organs to sway young minds our fingers thread through epidermis And bestill all beating hearts Bestill all beating hearts tension sought in the crooked husks of the seedlings of cruel unusual endings // Turn no blind eye! fools of whim and the pawns that fend off the self righteous blight of their black inventions // Whose course is ill! knuckles sore as we kneed the fates with our wending hands, cast our veneration // Of the blackest to the waining gods of the sickly cities whose parasites have choked them to asphyxiation //swallowing pit when glib smiles stretch to show yellow teeth and the kindly hand is marked by leprosy // the nullity if the petals fall in the fertile days if the pox has sprung from the well spring // shattered charms send a single shard of the wilful balm in the hope of sopor, in the hope of sopor wither stubborn sun, under sulphurous glare but will not die by its sundering stare gather up the strength to fly further from the bosom the ice will sure your footing far from icy steppe you are no pretender, no pale and dull witted thing our hands never falter, each digit is divined go to them know their might! wrench wide the mouth clenched! hasten harbinger of the wrathful forest! rains vent, winds wrath  the naked elemental bows
The pitted light grazes Drawings eyes to briefest glimpses Beyond the sparse and umber land  Spinous peaks and torn towers not encumbered by firs utterance  the vertebrae rise in vivid order   of the world from long before  a land that's wears its thread-bear shawl when the skin is peeled and the muscle revealed veinous entanglement  pulse with percussive rhythm We sway and teeter to its raw and febrile syncopation It's allure irresistible we are drawn up, the pipers tone and at once the land we have known seems so very distant  here at the divined line where forest edge is well defined  and beyond its steely realm a place unknown to all It holds a quality  diminished life and violence memories that have survived in frightful clarity  the stretching sky, languor shrouds pulled taught toward with vigorous breath the ruptured path; chisel hewn of swarming storms, exhume! the petulant gods, unbeholden to us lash and lambaste curdled clouds, clotted fat the jaundiced milk spills foul deific whims of a god who gloats diabolical rules that we suffer under the petulant gods, unbeholden to us lash and lambaste the petulant gods, unbeholden to us lash and lambaste held in its grasp, the consequence I can never run away from it my fellow Norr beseech me they pray that I not tread beyond but what does one gain from such fear that is inclined to halt And I am gone, into the breach under my feet, sheen of bone the stark sand blasted rubble a poverty of the living engulfed with tumultuous grit where no one could possibly dwell behemoth shoulders and the shadow they do bring draping the grey cold where the sun is at its peak my body strains to preserve what little I have left the presence of old machine precision cuts of industry  and the sand once molten  now static cusps of glass  
do you still smile for us  old forgiving grin? whilst we wade amongst the remnants of our malady
The Hunt 03:53
I see their intent, vehement! I see their hands gripping terrible tools unforgiving catch the meat! they cry! they come for me, the meagre prey venal with shiver teeth, gnashing cuspids mercenary tongues hang pendulous and drool hungry promises crack, splinter, tracks in the earth I am betrayed by my own girth thorns tear in the rigorous earth and my body seizes with fear I see their dishonest eyes caught in the slaver enamour burst from the maggot skin vile flies birthing forth pestilent the red swarm vibrant nauseas hum lascivious spittle, insatiable their proboscis infatuated, fat on our blood far flung from the womb in the clutch of the sands swoon funnelled into dry river channel and my bleating throat quavers as i realise my error for now I am hemmed in and herded! all that I am, a graze, a bruise All that I am a failing echo all the I am rendered meat can this be all that I’ve been born for? the lustful gaul of bloodied hands? Am I just giving in? Am I just giving in? For the solace of old Tyton and curvature of her appease am I just giving all? Am I just giving all? all that I am, all that I am
pray for reprieve! Implore! strung to the pathetic fools caught in their devious snare trussed up by my hands, writhe! writhe against lashes and tormented riling words they mock me, with shame! sordid hands paw at my face, my forgiving grin and smear my skin they violate life with innards of fauna and scrawl the shame of their creed, a blooded cause they wear on their hides, inglorious the red endeavour all brutality with slavish tread, aching a path we are bound for their lair, uncertainty bound for abandon metropolis! In awe! the light stain of day brims with raucous and hideous life a city of gristle, ghouls! skitter and grope in gargantuan scapes of a people alive in its lungs, providing it with insufficient breath stare at our sorry state, delirium! clung to the girders and rigging of a funeral past the light incendiary a world enamoured in gold shards in calcified eyes slick tar of hysteria brims and breaks carcass vistas! In the sweltering fury blood boiling heat burning luminous vents! And the bodies blister,  our fingers fray to ribbons  Into the mines! It blinds! the sun song whimpers, yet the dark will not solve beneath the tarnished facade, a truth! the twisted viscera of fallen colossus we cut at their leathery skin, a sin! and gnaw on the metal marrow within oh how we wither and wheeze, we choke! and cough up the blood speckled phlegm; indignant Motor of blood and of bone, we moan! The brawn fuel mortar of a villainous kin seeking out fools such as I; a child cartilage gears mimic antediluvian; effigies of the unknown, totems bound with sinew into convolutions ruddy red from the quarry, we bleed! And the cuts weep, eyes run with the bite of the whip here in the dark faces are marked insignia of tribes blur with filth stolen away by these mortal thieves no more demon than I! to whet the stones that carve this industrious charnel house the feudal chiefs bicker and mete out fates for their marionettes below we ponder and plot such sweet and peculiar threats idle for now, they wait for their introduction my lesson is learned, for whats its worth of haste I know, how little if offers its scent fleeting and beguiling irrational, insane! I was its pupil, a play thing a willing serf, or talisman of impatience and sloth dank consequence, ill gotten fruit my eloquence a new lesson
Crown in Red 12:12
Amongst this den, a din of voices equal in their resplendent iniquity soup of botulism clothed in the trappings of their myriad debauchery stale and foul fawning over baubles of gold inelegant ornaments draped over fineries a perspiring stench crudely caste, vainglorious plagues have taken residence in; fecund skins, pale as milk welts of putrid puss painted with fat liquor and chalk applied as medicine they droop from balconies and collapsing thoroughfares of ruined structures raise me; raise thy fingers lace like filaments intravenous Tesh bore within trotted out before their seat the pungent regal sneer all manner of feigned disgust usher us onward with scorn worn and vulnerable served a finite purpose in the cratered depths destined for the bite of another whip surrender, surrender, no hope of pardon in sight If we tender, we tender resign ourselves to this life so we remember, remember the reverie of an absent home beg not for forgiving pray not for emancipation No longer hope for revenge yet for the longing alone no surrender surrender No surrender in sight chains that are leaden dig into heels and have riven me to smithereens no surrender surrender No surrender in sight no surrender surrender No surrender in sight the blood is emollient shackles have loosened the slightest chance of release surrender surrender No surrender in sight surrender surrender No surrender in sight We tear away the stays and flee from their eyes into crowds of the terrified surrender surrender No surrender in sight surrender surrender No surrender in sight At once we are lost in the audience drawn to our pathetic demise salacious they pour over one another onwards to the outer reaches yelp and hiss with strangled laughter insubordinate hands the sons and daughters stripped of their personhood running for their lives the city clung to the edge of a precipice, below a wide and billowed expanse a dreadful comprehension unravelled in welling eyes amidst the pleats of dust a vast army red in tooth and claw on steeples hilts and obelisks traction engines hauled by compatriots of the irons drag the terrible machines the banners cast in cardinal bathed in the blood of their foe dragging it north


Halo Of Flies Records (USA) halooffliesrecords.com

Alerta Antifascista (Europe) doomrock.com

Morrow is:

David: Drums, Guitar
Alex: Vocals, art, lyrics
Jose: Guitar
Gerfried: Guitar
Alastair: Bass
Liam: Violin
Nicole: Cello

Guest vocals:

James of Autarch
Josh of Sol
Lada and Blum of Gattaca
Natalie of Wildspeaker
Victoria of Hyena
Oskar and Erik of Monachus
Mikey of Fall of Efrafa

Spoken word on "Auguries of Menace" by Stina

Recorded and produced by Boulty at Stuck on a name studios
Mastered by Oskar Karlsson


released December 24, 2017


all rights reserved



Morrow London, UK

Emo crust/sludge from London, UK

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